a romp with that snake

a mistake knows
no skin color, class, gender.
it overtakes, spits and
churns out
the choice of surrender.
prevent a mistake
is what eve should’ve done
with that snake.
but wait.
that isn’t us.
aren’t humans
with all that we know
mistake prone?
perfection free?
didn’t adam seal it for us
with his teeth?
it has to be so.
living with a mistake
gives us room to grow
and time to learn from
a romp with that snake.
learning is longevity,
and longevity to life
is surviving
our internal crimes.
incentive to better ourselves
starts with that agile lizard
one slip up at a time.
keeps our feet on ice
ready for the
expiration less fight.

i’d rather live in sweat
with a few snakes
in my bed
than be one perfect
locked away
never to tread.

i’d rather scrub
myself clean
than look
in the mirror
at a stainless
“snake less”
plastic sheen.

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